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When you use Pestoff products you're part of a massive combined effort to rid areas of introduced pest species, giving native flora and fauna a helping hand to keep breeding without fear of predation from animals many do not have defences to cope with. Here are some of our recent  stories from around the world that are using Pestoff products.

Remote kiwi population growing for first time in conservation history.

Kiwi numbers are increasing in a remote part of Fiordland for the first time in the history of their conservation, thanks to recent aerial predator control operations.


Community in outer Cook Islands determined to eradicate rats

Rats on a small Cook Islands atoll could be a thing of the past after a full scale rat eradication programme takes place in the middle of this year.


Securing the future of Gough Island

We are proud to be involved in the globally important conservation action to prevent extinctions and restore the full World Heritage Status of Gough Island by eradicating invasive alien mice.

See some stunning footage of the action taking place on Gough Island and hear from Pete McCelland, Operations Manager, who offers an update on the first bait drop.


Dealing with the Indian House Crow

House Crows are extremely aggressive, opportunistic feeders that prey on fledglings, small birds & mammals, reptiles & amphibians, and their eggs.


Tehran’s Rat Plague

In 2004, Tehran appealed for urgent assistance to control a major rat epidemic causing significant public health concerns.


Ridding the Antipodes Islands of Mice

The Antipodes Islands host an impressive range of terrestrial birds and fauna but the arrival of mice during the 19th century impacted the wildlife which could see important species becoming endangered and threatened local extinction.