About Pestoff


PESTOFF products are manufactured by Animal Control Products Limited under the trading name of Orillion. Orillion develop and manufacture a full spectrum of pest control products for use in small to very large-scale pest control and eradication projects throughout New Zealand and in over 20 countries worldwide.

New Zealand has a significant pest problem. Our unique wildlife and agriculture industries are under threat by introduced mammalian pests such as rats, stoats and brush-tail possums. The New Zealand government has an initiative to be ‘Predator Free’ by 2050 by eradicating these pests from our shores. Orillion is at the forefront of this plan by developing and providing products that will help to achieving this ambitious goal.

PESTOFF products are available at all good farm supply and retail stores – Click here to find a stockist nearest to you.

Company history and profile

Orillion was established as Animal Control Products (ACP) in the 1950s under the direction and funding of regional pest control boards, the Ministry of Agriculture and the New Zealand Forest Service. In 1991 ACP was established as a registered company, becoming a Crown-Owned Company and later, a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE).

From 1996, ACP diversified its product range, designing and manufacturing products under the trade name PESTOFF.

In 2016, Orillion became the new trading name of Animal Control Products Limited. Orillion is now developing and manufacturing a full spectrum of pest control products that New Zealand will need to achieve its goal of being ‘Predator Free’ by 2050.

Orillion operates a progressive research and development programme and works closely with Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research and other research agencies to enhance its existing products and develop new innovative solutions for the pest control industry.

You can view the website for Orillion here – www.orillion.com

Orillion is governed through a Board of Directors appointed by the New Zealand Government.

Board of Directors

Terry Murdoch, Chairman
Pamela Clarke, Director
Sue Rickman, Director
Mark Christensen, Director

Chief Executive

William McCook