Prodeer Possum + Rat Bait – 1080

Categories: Commercial, Conservation, Possums, Rats, Rodents

A pellet bait formulation for reducing mortality of feral deer during broadcast baiting operations. Contains 1.5g/kg sodium fluoroacetate in the form of a cereal pellet bait.

1080 products are ONLY available through Orillion directly.

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For control of: Possums and Rodents
Uses: This product contains a deer repellent and is intended for use in areas where feral deer may be at risk from eating standard 1080 baits without repellent. The repellent substance will reduce the uptake of baits by deer but may be less effective where deer are food-stressed, over-abundant, or where toxic pellets are applied at a rate higher than 2kg per hectare in open forest or rangeland.
Active Ingredient: 0.15% 1080
Authorized Handler: Controlled Substance Licence is required for purchasing and using this product
Toxicity: Toxic
Type: Pellet
Product Size: 25kg bags and bulk bags of 300kg +
HSNO Classification: DEADLY POISON
HSNO Classification Code: 6.1B, 6.8A, 9.1D, 9.3A
HSNO Number: HSR002424
ACVM Number: V009653
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