20R Rodent Bait

Categories: Commercial, Conservation, Pestoff Bait, Rats, Rodents, Rural

Standard pellet diameter is 10mm, but 5.5mm, 10 mm, 16mm and 20mm pellets may be available for significant volumes.

For control of: Rodents
Uses: This product may be supplied only to the Department of Conservation or to authorised persons appointed and operating in accordance with the Operating Plan approved for this product. Operating Plan 63 entitled Aerial and Hand Broadcast Application of Pestoff Rodent Bait 20R for the Intended Eradication of Rodents from Specified Areas of New Zealand has been approved for this product and every person (other than a person authorised by the Department of Conservation) when they are using this product must, at all times, follow the Operating Plan. Persons authorised by the Department of Conservation must only use this product (a) on off-shore islands where no livestock are present at any time or (b) in accordance with the Operating Plan referred to above. Any person who, when using this product, knowingly fails to follow the above conditions, commits an offence and may be liable to prosecution.
Active Ingredient: 0.02g/kg brodifacoum
Toxicity: Toxic
Type: Pellet
Product Size: 25 kg bags and bulk bags of 300kg +
HSNO Classification Code: 6.9B, 9.1D
HSNO Number: HSR001612
ACVM Number: V009014
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