Rabbit Control Pellets 0.04% 1080

Categories: Conservation, Rabbits

Pellets registered for hand broadcasting or aerial application.

1080 products are ONLY available through Orillion directly.

Please phone +64 6 344 5302 to order.

For control of: Rabbits
Uses: These pellets will decay relatively quickly and may allow more rapid re-stocking if sufficient rainfall occurs. Pre-feeding first with non-toxic pellets is recommended.
Active Ingredient: 0.04% 1080
Authorized Handler: Control Substance Licence needed
Toxicity: Toxic
Type: Pellets
Product Size: 25 kg bags only
HSNO Classification: DEADLY POISON
HSNO Classification Code: 6.1C, 9.3B
HSNO Number: HSR002422
ACVM Number: V003785
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