A pellet bait formulation for reducing mortality of feral deer during broadcast baiting operations. Contains 1.5g/kg sodium fluoroacetate in the form of a cereal pellet bait. PLEASE NOTE: 1080 products are ONLY available through Orillion directly. Please phone +64 6 344 5302 to order.

Pestoff Treated Peas – surface treated with 2.5% alphachloralose for pigeon control.

Pestoff Treated Barley – surface treated with 2.2% alphachloralose for sparrow control.

Pestoff Treated Wheat – surface treated with 2.2% alphachloralose for sparrow control.

Prefeed for possums To overcome the cautious feeding behaviour of possums prior to the application of 1080 pellet bait, apply Pestfeed Pro by broadcasting at 2-5 kg per hectare or by placing 500 grams in weatherproof bait stations spaced approximately 100 metres apart. Repeat 7-10 days later for best results. When possums have eaten most of the Pestfeed Pro, remove … Read More

Contains 2.5% alphachloralose for controlling sparrows, mynas, blackbirds, magpies and other pest birds.

For the control of starlings, rooks and crows.

Wax and lure coated possum pellet.

A highly palatable anti-coagulant complete with bait station

A specially blended pre-feed paste to use on all trapping and baiting operations. Flavours: Cinnamon Raspberry