A pellet bait formulation for reducing mortality of feral deer during broadcast baiting operations. Contains 1.5g/kg sodium fluoroacetate in the form of a cereal pellet bait. PLEASE NOTE: 1080 products are ONLY available through Orillion directly. Please phone +64 6 344 5302 to order.

Pestoff Treated Peas – surface treated with 2.5% alphachloralose for pigeon control.

Pestoff Treated Barley – surface treated with 2.2% alphachloralose for sparrow control.

Pestoff Treated Wheat – surface treated with 2.2% alphachloralose for sparrow control.

Prefeed for possums To overcome the cautious feeding behaviour of possums prior to the application of 1080 pellet bait, apply Pestfeed Pro by broadcasting at 2-5 kg per hectare or by placing 500 grams in weatherproof bait stations spaced approximately 100 metres apart. Repeat 7-10 days later for best results. When possums have eaten most of the Pestfeed Pro, remove … Read More

Contains 2.5% alphachloralose for controlling sparrows, mynas, blackbirds, magpies and other pest birds.

For the control of starlings, rooks and crows.

For feeding with encapsulated cyanide products or pre-feeding ahead of using 1080 Pestoff Exterminator Paste.

Magnesium phosphide pills which release deadly gas when they come into contact with soil moisture.

Technical grade material for applying to bread baits for the control of black-backed gulls